RSK 1001 Infant Resuscitation Kit

RSK 1001 Infant Resuscitation Kit

Product number: RSK 1001

Infant Silicone manual resusticator(250ml), Silicone face mask(250ml), Silicone Airways, Foot Suction, Laryngoscope and Kit bag.



Infant Resuscitator 250ml

Rugged, 100% Autoclavable, Reusable
Non rebreathing valve
Pressure release valve
250ml silicone bellow
360 Degrees swivelling patient connector
Corrugated PVC open oxygen reservoir
1.5 metre Oxygen tubing

Silicone Face Mask

Rugged, 100% Autoclavable, Reusable
Size 00 and size 01

Silicone Airways

Rugged, 100% Autoclavable, Reusable
ARW 1001(set small) sizes 000, 00, and 0

Foot Suction

Compact, Lightweight, easy to handle and operate
Durable rubber bellow
Long lasting SS spring to provide
friction free pumping
Autoclavable polycarbonate vacuum jar with lid (500ml)
Scratch proof powder coated frame


Stainless Steel straight blade size 0 and 01
Penlight handle

Kit Bag

Shoulder carry rexene kit bag