IntelliVue MX40

IntelliVue MX40

Wearable patient monitor

Product number: 865350

The IntelliVue MX40 wearable patient monitor gives you technology, intelligent design, and innovative features you expect from Philips - in a device light enough and small enough to be comfortably worn by ambulatory patients.


Color touchscreen to easily check on patients

With just a single touch, you can view current alarm settings, alarm histories, as well as ECG, SpO?, and other vital signs in real time at the patient, even when they are mobile. Choose from five screen formats.

Display off mode for patient comfort

The color touchscreen display enters "display off" mode to conserve battery life, yet can be activated with the touch of a button to allow viewing by caregivers.

Wearable monitor for freedom of movement

With continuous ECG monitoring and optional pulse oximetry, the IntelliVue MX40 monitors progressive care patients of various acuity levels wherever they go within the hospital. Patients have the freedom to move around the care unit.

Easy verification of patients and equipment

Proper patient and equipment identification is essential. Patient demographic information is displayed to make sure the IntelliVue MX40 is assigned to the right patient, providing a valuable verification check after admission to the IntelliVue Information Center.

Alarm management options to fit your environment

The IntelliVue MX40 displays alarms for ECG, SpO?, impedance respiration, and non-invasive blood pressure (if and when the Cableless NBP is used). Clinician can decide when alarms are to be announced at the MX40. They can also quickly review and verify alarms at the device. This flexibility supports alarm management policies suited to various clinical environments without the need for additional equipment.

IntelliVue Cableless Measurements expand your reach

The IntelliVue MX40 monitor offers the clinical and technical advances to help you streamline workflow and enhance care, while allowing your patients the freedom to roam. By connecting via short-range radio technology to IntelliVue Cableless Measurements, you can add noninvasive blood pressure or pulse oximetry without the hassle of additional cables.

Choice of battery type to suit your preference

The device also provides a flexible battery choice: disposable AA batteries or the Philips rechargeable lithium ion battery. Choosing the Philips rechargeable battery may also reduce the recurring cost of disposable batteries.