IntelliVue MP5

IntelliVue MP5

Portable patient monitor

Product number: 865024

Philips IntelliVue MP5 bedside patient monitor provides actionable information about your patients. It delivers IntelliVue monitoring power and functionality in a compact, rugged housing to serve a wide range of care environments.


Intuitive touchscreen simplifies use

The user interface is designed to enhance visibility of patient data, making it easy to use, and compatible with standard software, helping you focus on the patient, not the monitor.

Dynamic Wave area auto-sizes waves

Waves automatically adjust in size relative to the number of waves configured.

Built-in measurements reduce setup

Commonly required measurements are built-in so no user setup is necessary for typical use. These include ECG, SpO?, NBP, choice of up to two invasive pressures and temperatures, choice of CO?/gas monitoring, and compatible with anesthesia monitoring modules.

Horizon Trends provide context

A horizontal split screen displays Horizon Trend measurements below real-time waves to make deviations apparent at a glance.

IntelliVue Guardian Early Warning Score on a spot-check monitor

Aids clinicians in early recognition of subtle signs of patient deterioration. The Early Warning Score is designed to facilitate fast intervention to enhance patient care.

ST Map to recognize changes

This feature collects ST values and trends derived from the vertical (limb leads) and horizontal (chest leads) planes into an integrated mind's eye view. It can help clinicians recognize ST changes and their location in the heart more easily.

ProtocolWatch to simplify evidence-based care

Simplifies sepsis care by continually checking monitoring data against care protocol criteria to help provide information when it matters most. Whenever criteria for sepsis are met, ProtocolWatch prompts clinicians for the tests, observations, or interventions indicated by the protocol. ProtocolWatch also produces a log that can be printed for documentation and quality improvement.

Wired and wireless networking provides data stream

The monitor connects to the IntelliVue Clinical Network, which can span the hospital enterprise. You can manage patient care with the confidence that data will be relayed with speed.

High-resolution display option enhances viewing

Connect the monitor to a large display solution with optional IntelliVue XDS software. This high-resolution bedside display allows you to see vital patient information at a distance. An XDS remote-control lets you work comfortably.

Flexible MX40 connection with short range radio

Connects to the IntelliVue MX40 via Short Range Radio for additional vital signs parameters and continuous monitoring with flexibility for supporting high acuity patients.